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5. Transport of Persons with Physical and Orientation Disability.

  • In metro, tram and bus vehicles, there are at least 6 seats reserved and marked for persons with limited abilities for movement and orientation. Should the need arise, passengers are obliged to free up additional seats at the request of the driver or authorised individual.
  • Passengers are obliged to permit priority boarding of such persons into the vehicle.
  • Persons in wheelchairs may be transported in metro stations with barrier-free access, in passenger lifts, on inclined or vertical platforms for the disabled, or in modified freight lifts accompanied by a person providing necessary help to the person in the wheelchair. During transport, the designated maximum load of the equipment must not be exceeded. The transport of persons in wheelchairs or the transport of wheelchairs is not permitted on escalators for safety reasons. For the transport of a person in a wheelchair in a modified freight lift, the person accompanying the person in the wheelchair must possess a valid operator's permit for this freight elevator, and must have been familiarised by the carrier with conditions of safe movement within the metro.
  • In trams and buses, persons in wheelchairs and empty wheelchairs are transported only with the knowledge of the driver, in the vestibule like prams; for low-floor vehicles, in the area designated by the international accessibility symbol. In vehicles equipped with a button for requesting access ramp extension, the passenger in a wheelchair or his escort shall use this button before boarding or exiting.
  • In the funicular, persons in wheelchairs are transported in whichever section of the vehicle.
  • Wheelchairs must have an effective hand brake, which must be in the Engaged position for the entire time of transport.
  • Persons in wheelchairs are transported free of charge; empty wheelchairs are subject to payment as per the PIT Tariff.

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