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4. Transport of Prams and Bicycles

  • Prams are transported only in a designated area in the vehicle:
    • in the metro, one pram per vestibule
    • in trams and buses at the vestibule by the doors, designated by a pram pictogram
    • in funicular wagons, in each section

Only one pram is transported in a designated area, an exception may be granted by the driver (funicular operator).

  • On escalators in the metro transit area, a pram must always be transported by two persons in order to maintain transport safety.
  • Entry with a pram into a tram or bus is possible after being granted the agreement of the driver, requested in a visible manner; the passenger notifies the driver of exit with a pram by pressing the Driver Notification button at the proper time.
  • Prams containing a child are transported free of charge, empty prams are subject to payment per the PIT Tariff; the transport of prams used for the transport of items is forbidden.
  • Bicycles can be transported only:
    • in the metro: exclusively on the last vestibule of each metro wagon in the direction of travel (at most 2 bicycles can be transported in the wagon, driving a bicycle through the wagon is forbidden); if this vestibule is occupied so that smooth entry is not possible, or if this vestibule already contains a pram or wheelchair, a bicycle is not allowed to be transported in the wagon.
    • in cycle buses.
  • A passenger can transport only one clean bicycle in the metro; passengers younger than 12 travelling alone cannot transport a bicycle. The transport of bicycles is not allowed in metro passenger elevators.
  • A bicycle cannot be transported in the metro during a time when transport is forbidden by the carrier (an exceptional event, expected increased passenger frequency, etc.). Transport of multi-seat (tandem) bicycles in the metro is forbidden.
  • Bicycles are transported in the metro free of charge.

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