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1. General Provisions

  • By concluding a transport contract, a passenger on Prague Integrated Transport (PIT) pledges to observe conditions of the Transport Regulations, transport Terms of Service and PIT Tariff.
  • The driver or other authorised individual of the carrier wearing a uniform or possessing an inspection badge and carrier ID (authorised individual) is authorised to give directions and orders to passengers to ensure safety and the flow of traffic, to inspect passengers' transport documents, for justified reasons to refuse entry into the vehicle or transit area, or to expel the passenger from transport.
  • An authorised individual has the right to refuse entry into a vehicle (transit area), or as the case may be to expel from a vehicle (transit area) individuals whose appearance is one of general neglect and who, with their actions or clothing, are soiling other passengers or the vehicle, passenger areas and carrier facilities, and who are using the vehicle (transit area) for sleeping or other purposes for which they are not intended.


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