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Permanent PIT changes as of 30 June 2012

On the date that summer transit service commences, several permanent changes to bus lines will also take place.

  • Line 102 will have its route shortened to Kobylisy – Sídliště Bohnice – Staré Bohnice;
  • for line 116, the Dejvická boarding stop will be relocated to the stop for line 107;
  • night line 615 will be cancelled.

New stops:

  • for lines 301 and 352, a new stop named Mrákovská will be set up in Ořešská St., between the Ořešská and Ořech stops;
  • for lines 183, 271, 511 and 570, a new stop named Livornská will be set up in Milánská St., between the Bolevecká and Nové Petrovice stops.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for understanding.


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