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Permanent Changes to the PIT System as of the 13th December 2015

As of the 13th December 2015 several permanent changes will take place to the lines that constitute the PIT system in Prague. These comprise the following specific modifications to the operation of buses.

Introduction of the bus line

The most significant change is the introduction of the new No. 159 midibus line on the route Nádraží Kbely – Zamašská – Miškovice – Čakovice – Náměstí Jiřího Berana. This line will be in operation on weekdays from cca. 5.00 a.m. to cca. 8.00 p.m. at 30-60 minute intervals; at the newly established Nádraží Kbely bus stop it will connect to the S3 and the S34 train lines.

The route of midibus line No. 159 The route of midibus line No. 159

Changes to night operation

Line No. 608 is now running all week, in both directions, on the Kobylisy – Zdiby – Odolena Voda, Dolní náměstí route.

Changes to bus stops

New stops:

  • Návětrná (on K Holyni Street, located prior to the intersection with U Sportoviště Street) – for lines Nos. 120, 230 and 601 in the direction of Nádraží Radotín and Sídliště Stodůlky,
  • Rápošovská  (on Starokolínská Street at the intersection with both Rápošovská Street and Polesná Street) – for lines Nos. 163, 250, 261, 269, 503 and 562 in both directions,
  • Stará obec (at the current stop for line No. 263 in the direction of Depo Hostivař) – for line No. 296 in the direction of Háje,
  • Strojírenská (at the current stop for line No. 180) – for lines Nos. 602 and 607 in both directions,
  • Škola Dolní Počernice (at the current stop for line No. 263 in the direction of Depo Hostivař) – for line No. 296 in the direction of Háje.

Relocated stops:

  • Černý Most – the stop for boarding line No. 354 has been relocated to the stop for boarding line No. 221,
  • Škola Dolní Počernice – the stop for line No. 296 in the direction of Nádraží Horní Počernice has been relocated to the stop for line No. 263 in the direction of Bezděkovská,
  • Vozovna Střešovice - from the night of the 10th to the 11th of December 2015 the stop for lines Nos. 143, 149, 180, 184 and 502 in the direction of Malovanka and Na Petynce will be relocated to a newly reconstructed tram stop.

Cancelled stops:

Ďáblický hřbitov, Skládka Ďáblice, Štěpničná (all three in both directions) and Třebenická (in the direction of Ládví) for line No. 348.

We apologise for any inconvenience that these changes may cause and we thank you for your understanding.


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