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Husitská Street: temporary suspension of the traffic

Due to reconstruction of the communication in Husitská Street, the traffic will be suspended in a part of Husitská Street in both directions from Monday, the 12th of March 2018 (from cca. 4:30 a.m.) until further notice (estimation is November 2018). In this context, the following changes apply to the PID lines operation.

Route changes of tram lines:

Line no. 15 is, in the direction from the city centre, from the Olšanské náměstí stop, diverted via the stops Olšanská and Biskupcova to the Vozovna Žižkov stop, where it terminates.

Changes in buses operation:

  • Line no. 133 is cancelled.
  • Line no. 175 is operated on the route Háje – Flora – Rokycanova – Černínova – Ohrada – Sídliště Malešice.
  • Lines no. 207, 908 and 909 are, between the stops Tachovské náměstí and U Památníku (in Trocnovská Street), routed via the temporarily established stops in both directions:
    • Havlíčkovo náměstí (in Prokopova Street, near Havlíčkovo náměstí Square),
    • Olšanské náměstí (in Prokopova Street, at its intersection with Táboritská Street),
    • Lipanská (in the trams’ stops),
    • Husinecká (in Seifertova Street, at its intersection with Blahníkova Street).

Changes to bus stops:

  • Boarding stop Florenc is relocated for line no. 135 to the bus stop of line no. 207 in Ke Štvanici Street.
  • Boarding stop Florenc is relocated for line no. 194 to the regular bus stop of line no. 135 in Křižíkova Street.
  • The U Památníku stop is established and relocated in both directions for lines no. 135, 207, 908 and 909 to Trocnovská Street, next to its intersection with Husitská Street.
  • The Olšanské náměstí stop is established (for the direction to Flora, or Florenc) for lines no. 136, 175, 207, 908, 909 and 913 in Prokopova Street, at its intersection with Táboritská Street.
  • The Biskupcova stop is established in both directions for lines no. 175, 908 and 909 in Jana Želivského Street, in the stops intended for the replacement bus service, next to the tram stops.


  A diagram of the operation during the measure



We apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused to you and we thank you for your understanding.


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