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Transit Inspection

Relations between passenger and carrier in Prague Integrated Transport (PIT) are based mainly on provisions of the Road Traffic Act No. 111/1994 Coll., § 18 as amended, and Act No. 266/1994 Coll., § 37, as amended, that establish the basic obligations of the passenger and carrier during transport. Obligations of the carrier are ensured by the person in charge of the carrier, i.e. a driver or a transport inspector, equipped with an inspection badge or carrier ID (hereafter authorized person).

Passengers are required:

  • to comply with transport regulations, contractual conditions of carriage and the tariff
  • to follow the instructions and orders of the authorized person, aimed at ensuring the safety and flow of traffic, his/her safety, or the safety of other passengers
  • At the request of an authorized person, to present a valid travel document, or else to pay the fare and supplementary charges or present a personal document and disclose personal information needed to enforce payment of fare and supplementary charges (personal data necessary for the enforcement of payment of fare and supplementary charges are name, surname, date and place of birth and address for delivery)
  • At the request of an authorized person, to follow him/her to an appropriate public administration workplace to establish the passenger‘s identity, or remain at an appropriate location until the arrival of a person authorized to determine the identity of the passenger, should he/she fail to fulfill the obligation referred to in subparagraph c)
  • At the request of an authorized person, to pay a penalty for non-compliance with transport regulations or instructions and orders of the authorized person, vehicle pollution, disturbance of the peaceful transportation of passengers, or other harassment of passengers.

The authorized person is entitled to:

(other than issuing instructions and commands to passengers to ensure their safety, the safety and flow of traffic and the safety of other passengers)

  • exclude from transport a passenger who, upon request by the authorized person, does not present a valid travel document or comply with the obligation to pay the fare and supplementary charge, exclude from transport or impose a supplementary charge on a passenger who, despite warning, does not comply with transport regulations or instructions and orders of the authorized person, pollutes the vehicle, disturbs the peaceful transportation of passengers, or otherwise harasses other passengers; exclusion from transport must not compromise the health and safety of the passenger
  • refuse to transport or exclude from transport a passenger‘s baggage or animal if they are an obstacle to the safe and comfortable transportation of passengers, hazardous to the health of passengers, or if their transportation is not enabled by transport conditions, particularly vehicle occupancy
  • impose a supplementary charge on a passenger who failed to show a valid ticket, or require the passenger to disclose the personal data referred to in paragraph 1), letter c).

Other conditions that must be complied with during PIT transport are mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of Carriage and in the PIT tariff.

Activities of Transport Inspection

In all cases where a passenger does not pay the supplementary charge (fine) imposed on the site of inspection, the authorized person is to elicit the passenger's personal data and fill in the „Record of Transport Inspection" (ROTI), a copy of which is to be given to the passenger and the original handed over to the relevant transport company (TC) workplace at the end of the shift.

The designated personnel will mark the date of receipt on the ROTI and insert the prescribed data into a computer database of TC debtors, while each case is automatically assigned a reference number under which it is managed according to its development. After this operation, the ROTI originals are continually transferred to the TC penalty fare desk.

Note: The personal data of passengers who have not paid supplementary charges on the site of inspection are stored in the TC automated system, in accordance with § 5 , paragraph 2, letter e) of the Act on Personal Data Protection No. 101/2000 Coll., as amended, and in this sense may be used to recover the amount owed and also passed on to the law office, courts and executors.

If the passenger decides not to pay the imposed supplementary charge (fine) at a reduced rate (and the fare) at the penalty fare desk, then on the basis of a mandate agreement, the originals of the ROTI of outstanding cases are continually transferred for further enforcement, including dealing with transport claims via the local civil law court.

A transport claim is defined as an unpaid fare and supplementary charge to the fare (fine), as well as other costs incurred as part of the recovery process (related to unpaid cases).


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