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The Prague Trips application has been updated

An updated version of the Prague Trips mobile application once again brings users the most interesting trips, both in the city centre and its immediate vicinity.


Every visitor to Prague can use his Apple iPhone, comfortably and anywhere, to examine any trip that contains a map, mass transit connections and GPS coordinates. The application works for both online and offline use, which is especially useful for trips where users don't want to pay data roaming charges. Trips are displayed in a simple Google Maps interface, with a Facebook interface available as well. Users can thus inform their friends on this social network about which trip they like or have just taken.

The application was developed primarily for the Apple iPhone 3GS, 4 and the latest generation of iPods with iOS 4.0 and higher. However, it should be usable on any device with iOS 4, and iPads of both generations. The application must be downloaded from the App Store via a WiFi connection, as due to the large number of photographs, it is around 50 MB in size.

The number of available trips in the updated version has increased from 33 to 40, and there have been several other minor improvements. The price of the full version of the application is 3.99 EUR (4.99 dollars). Users can also download a free demo version from the App Store that contains four Prague trips that will show what the application has to offer.

The full version of Prague Trips is available for download via this link.
The free demo version is available here.

The book is for sale in the Public Transit Company's Infocentres.


The Prague Trips application has been updated


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