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The Prague Lubricating Tram has become a Phenomenon

A working tram of the T3M type bearing the 5572 registration number has been cruising rails in Prague since 1990. Already for several months its usage has been expanded to include the lubrication system for the flanges and the railhead, which makes the trams in Prague a lot quieter.


The REBS lubricating device is located in front of the third axle of the tram, i.e. on the second bogie. The equipment consists of a reservoir of lubricant with two pumps, a compressor tank holding 90 litres of air, a battery and the nozzle. The lubrication of the railhead in association with the flange lubrication ensures the functioning of the main task, which is reducing the noise from passing trams and also reducing the wear on the tram rails. After three weeks of regular lubrication in Prague the positive effects began to be evident. The degree of the reduction of the sound pressure was by an impressive 10 to 15 decibels. The lubricant contains aluminium particles ensuring that in the event of there being unfavourable weather conditions a protective microfilm is created on the rails. At the same time the tramcars do not lose any adhesion. This special tram travels up to 200 km daily and during one month it consumes 40 kg of lubricant.

During this year a new feature of the 5572 working tram will also be utilised. It has been fitted with a water tank with a capacity of 5 cubic metres, a ramp with nozzles behind its rear bogie and also a water pump. As soon as spring begins the Prague Public Transit Company will start to use the tanker and directly from this tram will irrigate the grass strips that are laid on the tramlines in Prague over a length of almost 26 km, i.e. about 18% of the entire length of the tram infrastructure.

During its existence the lubricating tramcar has found thousands of fans on the social networks. This is certainly thanks to its eccentric orange colour, its appearance of being a convertible and also that it is unique. In addition to a camera the tram also features both GPS and Wi-Fi, so that it is possible to follow its current location and it can be viewed on the Internet on the footage from the online camera. The footage from the trams via the SLOW TV has already received over two million views. The tram also has its individual Facebook profile at from which it has acquired more than 11,000 fans.


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