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The DPP INFO Application will make your travelling by public transport simpler

The City of Prague, in cooperation with the Prague Public Transit Company, is offering passengers a new mobile application for their convenient and immediate access to all the relevant information needed for carefree travelling within the Prague Integrated Transport System.


Find the best connections by using the links of the Prague Integrated Transport system, check the departure times of individual connections, e.g. from the stop at which you are actually at, or purchase a ticket - thanks to DPP INFO you can do all of this in just a few seconds. In the event of any planned or unplanned event occurring within the Prague public transport network that could jeopardise your timely arrival at you destination, when you are planning your journey the application does not hesitate to notify you immediately to choose an alternative route if necessary.

The functions of the DPP INFO additionally also always include up-to-date information about the status of the barrier-free facilities in the metro stations (e.g. the lifts and the platforms) or about the number of free spaces at the various P+R (park and ride) car parks and also provides a detailed overview of the transport diagrams.

This application is available to all owners of mobile phones with iOS or Android in three languages (Czech, English and German). For obtaining the application you can just visit the Google Play Store (for the Android version) or the App Store (for the iOS version), at either of which it is available for downloading absolutely free.


Links for downloading (in accordance with the platform that is being used)

Android 2.2+

iOS 6+



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