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The Amount of Supplementary Charge

During operation of PIT, the amount of supplementary charges (fines) is prescribed as follows:

  • 1500 CZK – the basic supplementary charge for a passenger travelling without a valid travel document, which is reduced to 800 CZK if paid immediately or at the penalty fare desk within 15 days after the date of inspection. The supplementary charge can be paid no earlier than 1:00 pm on the following work day. In the case of withdrawal of a season ticket, this can be collected at the same time after submitting a Record of Transport Inspection and paying the reduced supplementary charge. If the passenger presents a counterfeit travel document (imitation of a ticket), or a modified or amended travel document, there will be no fine reduction!
  • 400 CZK - the supplementary charge for violation of the provisions of Act No. 111/1994 Coll., Act No. 266/1994 Coll., the Notice of the Ministry of Transport and Routing No. 175/2000 Coll. and the Conditions of Transport. The fine is reduced neither in the case of payment on site of the inspection nor upon subsequent payment at the penalty fare desk.
  • 200 CZK - the supplementary charge for unpaid transport charges (for luggage and dogs), which is reduced to CZK 100 if paid immediately or no later than 15 days after the date of inspection at the penalty fare desk. It is possible to pay the supplementary charge at the penalty fare desk no earlier than 12:30 pm on the following work day.
  • 50 CZK – the supplementary charge for a forgotten season ticket, issued on the basis of personal data, with a monthly or longer duration and valid at the time of inspection. It is necessary to present this ticket at the penalty fare desk between 12:30 pm the following working day and the 15th day from the imposition of the penalty.

Note: The entitlement to a supplementary charge of 50 CZK does not arise in the case of tickets purchased with a coupon after a ticket inspection and in the case of debt assumption for another person.


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