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Service Quality Programme

Based on trends supported by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and practical experiences of our partner, the Paris Public Transit Company, we started a Service Quality Programme in 1997.

The programme is based on the requirements of the CSN EN 13816 standard, which describes the primary activity of “Public passenger transit”.

We meet your needs and expectations using the following criteria – quality standards.

Quality standards:

is based on passenger requirements that transit run on time and reliably, and is based on following timetables.
Informing the Public
is based on passenger demand and need for information that is complete, comprehensive, up-to-date and understandable.
Acceptance of Passengers
means including the public's desire for our employees to behave professionally when dealing with passenger.
Staff Uniforms
This standard requires a monitoring of appearance of staff uniforms to be easily identifiable and determined.
Functionality of the Ticket Vending Machines (at surface transit stops)
takes into account the requirement for greater options in the purchase of tickets, and includes not only the overall functionality and reliability of dispensing equipment, but also the completeness of informational labelling.
Accessibility and Comfort of Barrier-free Facilities in the Metro
is based on the need to make public transit more accessible for handicapped passengers. Includes the proper operation of passenger elevators and platforms in metro stations as well as their ease of use.
Transport timetable performance
is based on the requirements for reliability and monitors compliance with the planned number of kilometers of operation in the metro and by trams and buses.
Transit Accessibility in Metro Stations
is based on the requirement to facilitate transport of passengers in the metro within the scope of an operating day.
Vehicle Cleanliness and Appearance
This standard provides information about exterior and interior cleanliness of vehicles just after cleaning the vehicles and during operating hours.
Operation Safety
It includes measuring of number of emergency events, especially in metro visiability and usability of emergency stop button of train located at metro platforms.
Energy Consuption
This environmental standard is focussed on traction energy consuption on every metro line and production of CO2 indirect emissions during using a metro in comparison with production of CO2 emissions exhausted by private vehicle transport. It's further focussed on age of bus-fleet.

Individual quality standards are continually evaluated. From a long-term standpoint, results have a mostly upward trend, and alert us to areas suitable for further improvements to the quality of the services we provide.


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