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Prague Transit Company RSS Feed

We've set up an RSS feed for regular visitors to our website that will let them keep track of the latest developments.

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format used to publish information about new articles on our portal. On our server's side, we have a source of information about articles (an RSS „feed" or „channel"), and on the client's side an RSS feed reader is required.

Newer versions of web browsers have RSS feed readers built-in (in Internet Explorer 7.0 you will find it under Information Channels). If you are using older browser versions, we recommend downloading one of the readers freely available on the internet.

The reader will „look" at monitored sources (feeds), usually at regular intervals. It then downloads the names of new articles with their address, and informs the user of the change. One then simply just clicks on the link to open the article in its original location on the website. All readers will allow you to not only set up our feed, but any other feeds with new items on other websites. In order for the reader to work properly, you must be connected to the internet.

The primary advantage of using RSS is the ability to get a quick overview of what's new without having to comb through the website in question.

Our RSS feed address

If you would like to use our RSS feed, enter the following address in your reader:


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