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Rental of Historical Trams and the Public Transport Museum

Die historische Straßenbahn The Prague Public Transport Company provides sightseeing and circuit tours in historic trams year-round. Interested parties can rent historic trams for groups or on special occasions.

Depending on customer requirements, the route and length as well as the boarding and disembarking locations or any eventual waiting can be agreed upon. Upon customer request, refreshments and music can also be provided in trams.

An interesting addition to a stay in Prague can also be a trip through nighttime Prague.

The Prague Public Transport Museum can also be rented. The building at the Střešovice tram depot where the Transport Museum is located is composed of several separate halls whose interiors can be arranged into attractive spaces for hosting social, company and similar celebrations. The historical trams create a unique atmosphere. A stage can be built, with sound equipment, lighting and your choice of music, and basic refreshments or a large buffet can be arranged. The hall's capacity is up to 800. For smaller events of up to 80 people, the Transport Museum itself can also be used. A special offer included in the rental price is parking right on the depot’s premises. Parking capacity is 8 buses or 50 cars.

Rental Information

tel.: 296 128 902,
fax: 296 128 912,

Historical tram - Price List

Motorised vehicle CZK 3800 per hr (approx. 24 persons)
Motorised + trailer vehicle CZK 5440 per hr (approx. 60 persons)
Motorised + 2 trailer veh. CZK 5660 per hr (approx. 60 persons)
T1 vehicle (1951) CZK 3800 per hr (approx 26 persons)

It is also possible to order a trip on modern KT8, T3 and T6 trams:

T3 vehicle CZK 2040 per hr (approx. 24-50 persons)
T6 vehicle CZK 2040 per hr (approx. 24 persons)
KT8 vehicle 4080 CZK per hr (approx 48 persons)

The price is calculated from the time the tram leaves the Střešovice Depot at Prague 6, Patočkova 4 until its return to the same location.
The price includes 20% VAT and is due in cash no later than the beginning of the event. During national holidays we charge a 10% surcharge for tram rides.

The ride can commence anywhere in the entire electrical rail network. It's best to begin and end the ride at Střešovice Depot, where one can also visit the Public Transit Museum (group entrance fee CZK 40 and CZK 20), and where your bus can park during the entire event free of charge. If you begin the tour at the Střešovice Depot, it can take the following route: Hradčanská, Strossmayerovo náměstí, Náměstí Republiky, Václavské náměstí, Národní divadlo, Staroměstská, Malostranská, Pražský hrad (Prague Castle), Brusnice and finish in Střešovice Depot. This route corresponds to a fee for one hour.

Hall Rental Prices

Hall No. 4 - 800-person capacity:

Price CZK 55,000 excl. VAT per day + energy costs, staff, etc.

Transit Museum - 80-person capacity:

Price CZK 33,000 excl. VAT per day + energy costs, staff, etc.

Supplementary Services


A trip on a historic tram can be made more enjoyable with serving refreshments. If you provide your own refreshments, 25% of the total trip price is added.

The following prices are valid for one person, other refreshments can be arranged according to customer wishes.

Prices are listed including VAT.

percolated coffee CZK 25
milk for coffee CZK 5
pastry CZK 25 to CZK 35 depending on type
cake CZK 40 to CZK 45 depending on type
bread rolls, entire bag CZK 30
hors d'oeuvres, canapés CZK 14 to CZK 25 depending on type
open-faced sandwiches CZK 24
sandwich CZK 60 to CZK 65 depending on type
tea with lemon CZK 20
grog 0.2 l CZK 40
mulled red wine CZK 40
white wine 0.7 l CZK 170
red wine 0.7 l CZK 180
Pilsner beer 0.5 l 12° can CZK 45
Pilsner beer 0.33 l 12° can CZK 40
Gambrinus beer 0.5 l 10° can CZK 35
Bohemia sekt, demi-sec, 0.75 l CZK 250
Bohemia sekt, brut, glass, 0.75 l CZK 270
Lechovice sekt, demi-sec, 0.75 l CZK 280
Lechovice sekt, brut, glass, 0.75 l CZK 300
Plum brandy 0.05 l CZK 45 to CZK 50 depending on type
Becherovka 0.05 l CZK 40
juice box 0.2 l CZK 20
juice 0.2 l CZK 20
Cola, Tonic 0.2 l CZK 20
soda pop 0.33 l can CZK 35
Mattoni mineral water 0.5 l CZK 25
water 0.5 l CZK 20

Musical Production

It is possible to provide an accordion player for CZK 726 and a jazz group starting at CZK 4840.


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