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Public Transport Museum in Prague Střešovice opens for the season

Prague, 15th March 2011 - From 2nd April the Public Transport Museum is once more open to the public, with more than forty historic vehicles and many other items on display, including models, photographs, historic documents, tickets and maps. The Museum is open to visitors on weekends and state holidays, from 9:00 to 17:00. The exhibition also contains a number of new items.


The permanent exhibition of the Prague Public Transport Museum was opened by Prague Public Transport in May 1993 in the historic building of the tram depot in Prague Střešovice. Here the public can view more than forty historic vehicles and many other items. This year the Museum will be open from 2nd April to 17th November on weekends and state holidays, from 9.00 to 17:00. Visits outside regular opening hours can be arranged by prior telephone call. For adults entrance costs 35 CZK, for children from 6 -15 20 CZK. Groups of more than 15 are entitled to a discount. Senior citizen pass holders have entry free of charge.

Visitors can look forward to the permanent exhibition on the history of public transport in Prague, where they have the chance to see unique photographs, copies of historic documents, maps and tickets, as well as video clips of unique films from the National Film Archive collection.

Visitors and enthusiasts will certainly notice the Škoda 706 RO bus on display, one of the first omnibuses of the so-called tram-bus type. This refers to the type of vehicle body, where the driver sits over or in front of the front wheels, with the motor inside, bought by Prague Public Transport from 1948 - 1957. In all probability the name arose from joining the words tram and bus, since it was in these vehicles that the body type first appeared. The reconstruction of the Škoda 706 RO was completed in the middle of last year and like all other vehicles displayed at the Prague Public Transport Museum is fully roadworthy. Out of the special vehicles collection the SZ 1 track compressor will be on show in the depot yard. Probably manufactured in 1974 as a track tamping machine used during tram track rebuilding using prefabricated panels, it was converted in 1997 into a track compressor. This year will however begin without the oldest bus in the Museum's collection, the Škoda 506 N, whose bodywork is constructed of wood and for this very reason will be undergoing extensive renovation throughout this year. Similarly the Praga TOT No. 303 from 1936, nicknamed the „washing machine" will only be available from viewing in years to come.

The Střešovice depot is not just a museum. From one of the sheds come some of the operating sets of historic trams - but these are not museum exhibits. At weekends and on state holidays from 12:00 until about 17:35 round-trip line 91 sets off from here. Other historic vehicles can also be used if requested by foreign or local enthusiasts. Those interested can find more details on the timetable and ticket prices for the round-trip line 91 on the Prague Public Transport website

Outside the exhibition, and only as part of adventure trips organised by Technical Prague, a 8171 series metro carriage can be viewed. But lovers of Prague transport history can now rejoice. All fans of Prague Public Transport are now offered the chance once a month to travel in an historic set made up of first-generation Prague metro carriages. The event takes place as part of the Prague City Chamber of Commerce „Adventure Tourism" project. This historic set is made up of three EČS type carriages seating a maximum of 90 passengers per trip, and it is therefore essential that those interested reserve tickets at There are two trips a day, on Saturdays at 10:00 and 14:00 The complete programme takes about two hours and the price of a ticket is 150 CZK. Children under 10 accompanied by a parent go free. Additional information on dates, times and the programme can be found on

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