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Public Transit Co. completes construction of barrier-free access to the Národní třída metro station

Prague, 6 May 2011 – Today, representatives of the Prague Public Transit Co. and Prague City Hall officially opened for new elevators for the Národní třída metro station on line B.


The Public Transit Co., in cooperation with contractors, began construction of barrier-free access to the Národní třída metro station on line B in January 2010. Due to existing structures and the metro station's location, it was necessary to choose an unusual structural solution in the form of a combination of two pairs of elevator shafts, always with a pair of elevators and intermediate underground transfer hallways. The newly elevators connect the Národní třída station platform with Magdaleny Dobromily Rettigové St. near the Lazarská tram stop.

"Prague's metro is the most intelligent, the safest and the most environmentally friendly method of mass transit, that we can all take pride in: it moves 537 million people a year – almost 50% of all urban mass transit passengers. It currently has 57 stations, of which only 36 are barrier-free. For this reason, we want to continue in making them accessible, especially the key ones – the Národní třída station thus fulfils another part of our vision," said the mayor of Prague, Bohuslav Sobotka.

"The gradual elimination of barriers from Prague's public transit system is one of our key priorities in the area of transit development in the metropolis. I am very glad that we have made the Národní třída metro station accessible to the physically handicapped, as it one of Prague's key transportation hubs. Even though addition of barrier-free access to older metro stations is very costly and complex, we shall continue to work on these projects," stated deputy mayor Karel Březina during the official opening of the new elevators.

The project's capital costs were 185 million CZK, of which 174.31 million CZK is an expected targeted subsidy from Prague City Hall. The Public Transit Company's share of the cost of building the new elevators is 10.68 million CZK.

"After Háje and Chodov, Národní třída is the next metro station that we have recently equipped with barrier-free access, and that is now easily accessible for passengers in wheelchairs or parents with baby carriages. Along with installation of acoustical and guiding aids in transit stations and the purchase of low-floor buses and trams, the gradual building of new means of access to the metro system is a key measure in increasing the accessibility of Prague's public transit system," said Martin Martin Dvořák, CEO of the Public Transit Co.

The new barrier-free access is composed of a combination of two connecting elevator shafts, each with a pair of elevators and an intermediate transfer hallway. The first shaft has an oval cross-section and is 30.38 m long, and the second shaft has a rectangular cross-section and is 11.60 m long.

"Due to site conditions, it was a very difficult underground construction project and was built using mining methods. The metro station needed structural modifications and addition of necessary technology. A glassed-in elevator kiosk was built at street level. Barrier-free access was built during full station operation," said Josef Čibera, construction project manager, in describing the construction process.

Each elevator has a capacity of 1200 kg. In shaft S1 the elevators travel 28.30 m, and in S2 they travel 10.92 m. Their design capacity in one direction is 720 persons/hr. The project also includes a guidance information system from tram stops in Spálená St. The Prague metro currently has 57 stations, of which 36 are barrier-free. Line A has 5 barrier-free stations, line B has 14, and line C has 17. According to the City of Prague Strategic Planning Programme for 2009 – 2015, approved by Prague City Council, costs of further expansion of access to metro stations for the physically handicapped could reach up to 1.4 billion CZK.

Information for editors

Construction contractors:

Project design – METROPROJEKT Praha, a.s.
Procurement of engineering activities – Inženýring dopravních staveb, a.s.

Capital cost: 185 mil. Kč

Construction period: 01/2010 – 05/2011


Contacts for more information:

Ilona Vysoudilová
Head of the Press Dept. and press spokesperson of the Prague Public Transit Co.,


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