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Prague Public Transport opens new wheelchair access to Háje metro station

Prague, 11th February 2011 - Prague Public Transport today formally commissioned a lift in Prague Metro C line Háje station which will give handicapped passengers wheelchair access to the platform.


Building work on these technical changes to Háje metro station began at the end of last August and have involved several stages of building. First there was a complete replacement of the escalators linking the platform to the station's eastern entrance, followed by the installation of an inclined lift. The new escalators, which are narrower, are located on the left-hand side when going out of the metro station. Space was thus freed up on the right-hand side to install the inclined lift which provides wheelchair access from the platform to the eastern entrance hall at street level.

"Wheelchair access to public transport is one of our company's fundamental priorities. Háje is now the 18th station built before the revolution into which full-scale wheelchair access has been incorporated", says Martin Dvořák, General Manager of Prague Public Transport. Wheelchair access to the station has been available to wheelchair users since the 1990s, using the service lift when accompanied by a trained guide (as in the Opatov and Roztyly stations).

The replacement of the escalators was due to have taken place at Háje metro station in 2008. But because of financial restrictions it was postponed until later, and not completed until 2010 when it could be augmented with the provision of wheelchair access using an inclined lift.

"Adding wheelchair access to metro stations is difficult from both the financial and engineering points of view. In spite of this we have over recent years made such provision in 17 Prague metro stations. These are the Dejvická, Muzeum, Strašnická and Skalka stations on Line A, the Florenc, Smíchovské Nádraží and Nové Butovice stations on Line B, and Nádraží Holešovice, Vltavská, Florenc, Hlavní nádraží, Muzeum, Pankrác, Budějovická, Roztyly, Chodov a Opatov stations on Line C", adds Mr. Dvořák. Total budget costs for the building work in the Háje station reached 56 million CZK, of which the inclined lift cost approx. 13 million CZK.

At the present time the Prague metro has a total of 57 stations, of which 35 have wheelchair access. Line A has wheelchair access in 5 stations, Line B in 13 stations and Line C in 17 stations. According to the Prague Strategy Concept Programme for 2009 - 2015, as approved by Prague City Hall in 2009, costs for further expanding metro station access for those with limited mobility could reach 1.4 bn CZK.

In some stations the construction of wheelchair access facilities is very difficult for engineering reasons. In spite of this Prague Public Transport is currently implementing the construction of additional wheelchair access in the Národní Třída station (two pairs of linked lifts) which should be completed during April 2011.

Information for editors:

Engineering construction details:

  1. The replacement of three escalators linking the platform to the eastern entrance hall level: Transporta Chrudim, travel elevation 14.660 m, incline 30 degrees. In contrast to their original location the new escalators have been placed together on the left-hand side in such a way as to create space for inserting an inclined lift.
  2. Installation of a new inclined lifted permitting wheelchair access between the metro platform and street level at the eastern entrance hall. Travel elevation and lift incline are identical with escalators, lift capacity: 1 125 kg, internal lift cage dimensions:1200 x 2100 x 2300mm, door dimensions: 900 x 2100mm. The inclined lift is separated off by a framed glass wall (safety glass, stainless steel).

Total budget costs:

56 million CZK


Construction design – Inženýring dopravních staveb, a.s.
Building work - Stamet, s.r.o.
Mechanical engineering work - Schindler CZ, a.s.
Authorial supervision of the design - Metroproject, a.s.

Contacts for more information:

Ilona Vysoudilová
Press Dept. Head and Press Spokesperson for Prague Public Transport,


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