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Prague Public Transport invites you to ride in historic Prague metro carriages

Prague, 11th March 2011 - Prague Public Transport has prepared a special experience which will appeal to more than just Prague transport history buffs. Once a month they will be able to ride on an historic set made up of first-generation Prague metro carriages. The event takes place as part of the Prague City Chamber of Commerce „Adventure Tourism" project.


"This historic set which fans can ride in is made up of three carriages of the EČS type. These were delivered to Prague Public Transport by the former USSR from 1973 to 1976. The set consists of three carriages, because this was the configuration when regular metro operations began on 9th May 1974 on the Kačerov - Sokolovská (now Florenc) section of Line C", says Ilona Vysoudilová, Head of the Prague Public Transport Press Department.

In addition to enjoying the ride along metro Line C from the Kačerov depot to the Nádraží Holešovice station and back, visitors can also take a behind-the-scenes look at the Kačerov depot.

Riding the historic metro set has come about through the Prague Chamber of Commerce „Adventure Tourism" project offering those interested in the unusual the chance to recall times past. The three-carriage set will set out on its journey once a month, with a maximum of 90 passengers per trip. There are two trips a day, on Saturdays at 10:00 and 14:00. The complete programme takes about two hours and the price of a ticket is 150 CZK. Children under 10 accompanied by a parent go free.

Additional Information:

Trip dates:

  • 19.3., 16.4., 21.5., 11.6., 16.7., 20.8., 17.9., 15.10., 19.11. and 17.12.2011

Meeting time:

  • 9:55 and 13:55
  • Location: in front of the main building at the Kačerov depot, Sliačská 1, Prague 4.
  • Those interested may reserve tickets on:

Meeting programme:

  • Staff from a unit of the Metro Vehicle Administration will first acquaint visitors with the safety rules they must observe while on the Prague Public Transport site. Visitors will then take a tour of the Kačerov depot and will be able to ask questions.
  • At 11:00 and 15:00 the EČS set will depart from track 38 at the Kačerov depot and set out along Line C. During the journey visitors will have the opportunity to examine the driver's cabin of this historic train under operating conditions and to see the drivers' work in practice; the drivers will be wearing historical uniforms for the trip. They will also see the illuminated metro tunnel with a short stop in the bridge tube over the Nusle valley, stay in the train as it goes through the turning loop at Nádraží Holešovice station and get a look at many otherwise inaccessible spots on Prague's underground system. All of this with the benefit of expert commentary from their accompanying Prague Transport guides.
  • Following the round trip from Kačerov to Nádraží Holešovice and back, our adventure trip passengers will enjoy the „run-in" with the train to its home depot of Kačerov. The expected trip duration is two hours.


  • 150,- CZK / person o Children under 10 travel free when accompanied by at least one parent under the condition that seating is not guaranteed for children if the carriage is full.

Important Warning:

  • Photography is forbidden in the depot building.
  • In urgent cases the controller may cancel the EČS train trip. In such an event visitors will be offered an alternative date.
  • Only two of the carriages will be occupied. Each of these will contain a qualified Prague Transport employee, in line with the Railways Office ordinances.
  • In the event of late arrival, visitors cannot be allowed late entry to the site. Visitors will then be excluded from the ride.

Public transport connection:

  • Bus lines from metro C stations to the Kačerov depot bus stop:
    • From Kačerov station: bus No. 170 in the direction of Jižní Město
    • From Roztyly station: bus No. 118 in the direction Dvorce
    • From Budějovická station: bus No. 118 in the direction Roztyly and bus No. 121 in the direction of Sídliště Spořilov

Contacts for more information:

Ilona Vysoudilová
Press Dept. Head and Press Spokesperson for Prague Public Transport,


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