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Prague Public Transit Co. is introducing new tickets that are more secure plus cheaper to print

Prague, 16th May 2012 – The Prague Public Transit Co. (PPT) is introducing new printed tickets that are currently placed into distribution. They contain completely new anti-fraud elements such as a hologram, QR code, cut-out or special chemical dyes. The 21 million tickets, which were printed by Státní tiskárna cenin [The State Securities Printing Works] as part of a one-time order, are one-third cheaper than before, including the printing of ads on the reverse of selected tickets. This amount of new tickets will suffice until the end of 2012, and starting January 2013, tickets will be supplied by a printer chosen in a new tender.


“In the past, we discovered occasional cases of forged tickets, which of course reduced the Prague Public Transit Company’s revenues, and so we decided to introduce new anti-fraud elements on tickets that would meet European standards. Compared to the previous supplier, we also reduced their price by one third, and have also introduced advertisements on the back of tickets,” stated Magdalena Češková, manager of the finance department.

The Prague Public Transit Company will continue to purchase tickets with the new anti-fraud elements after the tender for a new ticket supplier. Intensive preparations are currently underway so that a public tender can be declared as soon as possible. The printing company will supply tickets to the PPT starting 1 January 2013.

“We expect the new public tender to allow us to achieve lower prices, which is entirely in accordance with our new strategy of searching for internal cost reductions and increasing efficiency,” stated Vladimír Lich, general manager of the Prague Public Transit Co.

All existing types of printed tickets will include the new anti-fraud elements. Until supplies of the “old” tickets are sold out, passengers in Prague’s mass transit system will be able to use both types of tickets.

The following are selected examples of new tickets:

16 CZK Ticket   24 CZK Ticket   32 CZK Ticket   110 CZK Ticket   310 CZK Ticket



Contacts for more information:

Monika Lojínová
Internal and External Communications Manager and Press Officer for The Prague Public Transit Co.,


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