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New Prague Public Transit Company Info Centre at Hlavní nádraží

The Prague Public Transit Company has opened a new centre of transport information on Tuesday 22 October 2013 at the Hlavní nádraží. The office is already the sixth operating Info Centre. All of them cater for about one million passengers every year.


Unlike ticket offices situated at underground stations, the Info Centres provide extended scope of services, above all complex information provision and consultation concerning the Prague Integrated Transport and its tariff. It is also possible to purchase single transport tickets, any pre-paid transport passes uploaded to the Opencard, printed bus-stop timetables and souvenir publications focused on the Prague public transport. Passengers are free to take public transportation system maps, tariff information and updates on permanent as well as temporary traffic changes.

All operators provide information in the Czech, English and at least one more world language. Beside the tariff and transport connection information they are also able to assist clients in non-standard situations, e.g. by searching for a delayed connection' location or by helping with search for lost items left in the means of public transport.

In connection with the new operation of the Info Centre at Hlavní nádraží (opening hours daily from 7:00 till 21:00) the opening hours of the Info Centre at the Anděl stop gets back to its original schedule. Passengers can visit it again on workdays from 7:00 till 21:00 and on Saturday from 9:30 till 17:00.

Complete overview of Info Centres can be found at this link.

By opening an Info Centre at the busy main train station the Prague Public Transport Company caters for both foreign and local clients arriving to our capital city by train.


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