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The City of Prague, in cooperation with the Prague Public Transit Company, provides convenient and instant access to all the relevant information needed for care-free travelling by public transport in Prague.

Find the best connection that is available within the Prague Integrated Transport system, check the departure times of the individual connections, for example, from the stop where you are right now or purchase a ticket* - thanks to the DPP INFO application you can do all these things in just a matter of seconds. In the event of any planned or unplanned event taking place within the network of the Prague public transport system that could jeopardise your timely arrival at your destination, the application additionally does not hesitate to point it out to you right away while you are still planning your journey to enable you to choose an alternative route.

The functions of the DPP INFO application additionally always include up-to-date information concerning the status of the barrier-free facilities (i.e. lifts and platforms) in the Prague Metro stations and the number of vacant spots available in specific P+R (park and ride) car parks and a detailed overview of the available traffic diagrams.

* Please note that for use of the SMS ticket it is necessary to have the Premium SMS service activated by your operator. The SMS ticket can be purchased only by means of a SIM card pertaining to Czech operators.

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Android 2.2+

DPP INFO on Google Play

iOS 6+

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