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JobDays 2008

From 29 to 31 May 2008, the largest job fair in the Czech Republic, JobDays 2008, will take place at the Letňany Fairgrounds, for the first time. It is intended for all job seekers from the Czech Republic and abroad. Its intent is to address the largest possible number of job seekers and the general public. Its organizers draw upon information of huge successes in similar trade fairs abroad (Brussels, Dublin, Helsingborg and Amsterdam).


A new feature for the Czech Republic is the marriage of the needs of state, not-for-profit and commercial employers. Participants will include not only employers from the Czech Republic, but also international institutions and companies, including companies working with the handicapped, employment offices, etc.

In light of the promotion of the entire event and the organizer's intent, this is an excellent opportunity for the Prague Public Transit Co. to present itself at a trade fair of this size, especially in light of the permanent shortage of employees, primarily bus drivers.

The organizer has enabled our company, as the largest operator of public transit services in the Czech Republic, to have a „booth" in the form of a low-floor bus containing display tubes devoted to the theme of job positions at the Public Transit Co.

We would mainly like to offer all those interested complete information regarding open job positions - their spectrum within the scope of the PTC as well as the job responsibilities attached to individual positions. Available to answer questions from trade fair visitors will not only be the PTC's HR staff, but also an experienced bus driver as someone with practical experience.

We will also present informational materials that we publish in order to provide comprehensive information on Prague Integrated Transit routes, PIT fare schedules, new features (ticket purchase via SMS) and much, much more.

The JobDays 2008 trade fair melds the opportunity to gain useful information with fun. Every day, there will be seminars, lectures, workshops and information on re-education or retraining available, not only for fresh graduates, but also for members of the public already active in the job market.

More information on the trade fair is available at

JobDays 2008 Fair  

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