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Investments for the Year 2017 in the Prague Public Transport System amount to CZK 6.6 billion (i.e. cca. €245 million)

This year the Prague Public Transit Company (PPT Co.) plans to invest a total of CZK 6.6 billion in the public transport system.


The investment priorities for 2017 include the preparation of the construction of the new metro D line, the modernisation of the safety technologies in the metro, the delivery of 15T trams from Škoda Transportation, the reconstruction of already existing tram lines, intensive preparation for the new tram lines and for the construction of new barrier-free access to the metro. The Jinonice metro station will also be renovated. To sum up, there will be approximately 305 ongoing and 176 newly launched investment projects.

“Based on a clear corporate strategy the PPT Co.’s Board of Directors approved this high quality and ambitious investment plan, which this year will enable focusing on a number of important projects that will bring additional enhancements to the safety and the comfort of passengers. In addition, due to this modernisation these investments are expected to generate operational savings in the future,” stated Martin Gillar, the PPT Co.'s CEO and the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“Both the traffic and the ecological situation in Prague clearly demonstrate the importance of developing our urban public transport system. We wish that people would give priority to public transport rather than simply driving their car more frequently. For this to happen, however, obviously we will need to create the best possible conditions. Therefore investment is required. At the same time I am seeking to find and to apply as many smart solutions as possible. The Prague public transport should become a showcase for a smart and modern city,” stated Petr Dolínek, the Deputy Mayor for Transport, Sport and Leisure.

The Prague Public Transit Company, Inc. is the largest carrier that provides urban public transport in the Czech Republic. It operates 3 metro lines, 33 tram lines (i.e. 24 in the daytime and 9 at night), together with 142 bus lines (i.e. 127 in the daytime and 15 at night) and additionally 2 funiculars. As of the 1st January 2017 it owned 1,179 buses, 857 tram cars and 730 metro vehicles. The company annually transports more than a billion passengers meaning that cca. 175 million kilometres are travelled. As of the 1st January 2017 the company had a total number of 10,962 employees. The sole shareholder of the PPT Co. is the Capital City of Prague. Additional information about the PPT Co. can also be found at


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