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Funicular to Petřín Celebrates 120th Birthday

Prague, July 21, 2011 – On July 25, 2011 the Prague Public Transport Company marks a major anniversary - 120 years since the opening of the funicular railway to Petřín, at that time using a water-balance drive system. A 383-metre long track for the funicular was built in 1891 to facilitate Prague citizens´ visits to the city’s new attraction – Petřín lookout tower.


The operation of Prague´s funicular railway leading to what is a traditional tourist destination in the city ended in 1914 with the outbreak of the First World War. After abortive attempts to restore its operation during the war, the railway was then taken over by the Electric Works of the Capitally City of Prague (predecessor of today’s DPP) between 1931-1932. The funicular was converted to electric drive and its track extended to 511 metres. After this reconstruction, it reliably served for more than 30 years.

Large-scale landslides on Mount Petřín in 1965 destroyed the track of the funicular, which resumed its operation after a 20-year long break in 1985. Following a demanding reconstruction project, Prague’s funicular railway was then incorporated into the city’s public transport network. This reconstruction managed to retain the original technical parameters of the track as well as the machinery dating to 1932.

Passengers can easily get to the funicular by walking from tram stop Újezd along the street of the same name, then turning into a lane called U Lanové dráhy. Journey on the funicular on the route Újezd – Nebozízek – Petřín offers a unique view of the city and the Prague Castle. Near the funicular’s top stop you can visit, apart from the Petřín lookout tower, also Bludiště (Maze – Hall of Mirrors), Růžový sad (Rose Garden), Štefánikova hvězdárna (Štefánik´s Observatory) and the baroque church of St. Lawrence. Passengers can then descend to Újezd by the funicular, which runs daily in 15-minute intervals, in the summer every 10 minutes. All the types of Prague public transport tickets are valid for travel on the funicular.

“Petřín figures among Prague´s chief tourist attractions, and that is why we are glad that the Prague Public Transport Company helps in making the Petřín lookout tower and other objects in its vicinity accessible to domestic as well as foreign tourists“, adds Mr. Stanislav Laně, head of the Petřín Funicular Railway company. Its popularity among passengers, who annually travel on the funicular while admiring the view of the city, is illustrated by last year’s overall number of passengers: 1,778,000. If we make a simple estimate of the number of passengers in the missing years by comparing the individual seasons, we can say that approximately 56 million passengers have been transported to date since 1891.


All year round with the exception of regular closures in March and October.

Time Intervals:

Winter season (November - March) running from 9:00 a.m. to 11:20 p.m. in 15-minute intervals.
Summer season (April - October) running from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. each 10 minutes.

Regular checkups:

During regular checkups the funicular railway is out of operation
spring: from March 14 to April 1 2011
autumn: from October 10 to 27 2011

Technical parameters:

total track length: 510.4 m
number of stops: 3
number of cars: 2
maximum places in one car: 100
vertical rise: 130 m
speed: 4 m/s


Contacts for more information:

Ilona Vysoudilová
Head of the Press Department of the Prague Public Transport Company,


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