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Fares in Prague

The tariffs for the Prague city area are divided into Zones P and 0 (in total, there are 4 tariff zones for the Prague area). Zone P has a doubled tariff value and Zone 0 is divided into Zones 0 and B – the border stops zone.

Zone P includes the metro, trams, Prague public transport buses (lines No‘s 100 – 299 and 501 – 599), the Petřín funicular, ferries and selected railway line sections.

Zone 0 includes buses from the periphery areas (lines No‘s 300 – 399 and 601 – 620) running through the Prague area, and selected railway line sections.

Public transport tickets and passes
Ticket / pass type Adult Child x
Junior Student +
Senior x
Basic 90 min. 32 CZK 16 CZK 32 CZK 32 CZK 16 CZK
Short-term 30 min. 24 CZK 12 CZK 24 CZK 24 CZK 12 CZK
1 day 24 hrs. 110 CZK 55 CZK 110 CZK 110 CZK 55 CZK
3 days 72 hrs. 310 CZK 310 CZK 310 CZK

• No reduced fares for this tariff group.

monthly 550 CZK* 260 CZK 260 CZK 250 CZK
30-day 260 CZK
quarterly 1 480 CZK* 720 CZK 720 CZK 660 CZK
90-day 720 CZK
5-month 2 450 CZK* 1 200 CZK 1 200 CZK 1 100 CZK
10-month** 2 400 CZK 2 400 CZK
4 750 CZK*
• No reduced fares for this tariff group.
Transferable passes
30-day / monthly 670 CZK Passes – fixed-period tickets may be purchased without providing personal data, i.e. they are transferable, and offer a passenger-selected validity starting date in the year. Applies to all categories above (not valid*).
90-day / quarterly 1 880 CZK
365-day / 1-year 6 100 CZK


  • Adult

    Tickets – Adult, 15 or over. N.B.

    Passes – Adult, 19 or over. N.B.

  • Child x

    Child, 6 – 15 years old. N.B.

  • Junior

    Junior, 15 – 19 years old. N.B.

  • Student +

    Full-time student, 19 – 26 years old N.B., a holder of the „Student 19–26“ card (30-day or 90-day) or of Opencard (the other types); confirmation of study or ISIC of a school accredited by MŠMT ČR is required for the discount to be granted.

  • Senior x

    Tickets – Adult, 60 – 70 years old. Applies only with a PIT card „Senior 60–70 years“. N.B.

    Passes – Adult, 60 – 65 years old. N.B.

  • N.B. The following applies: commencing on the day of turning the required age and ending on the day preceding the day in which the age limit is reached.
  • x For children from 6 to 15 years of age N.B. and seniors from 65 to 70 years of age N.B. that have an opencard with a „Special fare endorsement" (endorsement price is 120 CZK), the fare for travel in Prague (tariff zones P, 0 and B) is 0 CZK.
    Children from 6 to 10 years of age N.B. require only an identification card certified by its issuer (a corporate entity) with name, surname, date of birth and a photograph.
  • + Valid ISIC cards issued in the CR for full-time students of secondary schools, tertiary technical schools, universities and post-secondary studies that are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports are recognized in the PIT system as certificates of study for passes and electronic fixed-period tickets for Prague (tariff zones P and 0, incl. B). ISIC cards may also be used as a substitute document for the PIT card for students 19 to 26 years of age. ISIC cards as a PIT card or certificate of study are accepted in the PIT system always for the duration of the school/academic year for which they were issued or renewed by a prolongation mark and their validity can be verified electronically in the database of ISIC card holders operated by GTS ALIVE, s.r.o.
    ISIC cards and cards of students of specific universities – Czech Technical University in Prague , Charles University (including the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design), Czech University of Life Sciences, Institute of Chemical Technology, Academy of Performing Arts – are accepted in the PIT system without changes in the scope of the agreements on cooperation concluded between these schools and PPT Co.
  • * An adult passenger who is a holder of a valid pre-paid time ticket may be accompanied by 1 child up to the age of 15 (from 10 years obligation to prove the child‘s age) on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays free of charge (excl. PIT trains). N.B.
  • ** With limited optional validity beginning in time period between August 15th and November 1st.

Luggage transport

  • Luggage: 16 CZK
  • Baby prams and bicycles: 0 CZK

The fare for a piece of luggage, a dog not in a carrier or a baby carriage without a child is 16 CZK. The time and zone validity of a ticket for The fare for a piece of luggage, a dog not in a carrier or a baby carriage without a child is the same as the time and zone validity of the ticket of the passenger transporting the luggage or dog, up to a limit of 300 min.

The 24-hour fare for a dog not in a carrier within Prague city limits is 55 CZK, for all PIT zones 80 CZK. A 30-day pass for transport of a dog that is valid for all PIT zones costs 460 CZK. On the AE line (Airport Express), the fare for a dog in the stretch Praha hl. n./Náměstí Republiky/Praha Masarykovo nádraží – Letiště is 30 CZK.

Strollers with babies are transported free of charge. Bicycles are transported free of charge only in the metro, on ferries, on the furnicular to Petřín and within the designated times on selected tram segments. On PIT trains, passengers with valid PIT ticket can transport bicycles free of charge.

Free transport applies to luggage up to and including 25x45x70 cm, flat luggage up to and including 100x100x5 cm, tube-shaped luggage up to and including 150 cm in length and 20 cm in diameter, animals in carriers with dimensions up to and including 25x45x70 cm, at most two pairs of skis including ski poles in one case (skis not in a case are not allowed on the transit system), a snowboard or a shopping bag on wheels.

One-day and multi-day tickets include transport of one item that is normally subject to a transit fee, within their time and zone validity. This does not apply to trains that are included in Prague Integrated Transit, or to the transport of dogs.

Free transport

Transport is free for children up to the age of 6 N.B. (in PIT trains, at most two children, with the second child not having the right to a separate seat). Except for PIT trains, individuals 70 and over N.B. (must show proof of age with PIT ID card or EU Identity card or passport) #; holders of a Czech ZTP card, holders of a Czech ZTP-P card holders including wheelchair, escort and guide dog, if accompanying the cardholder.

# For seniors 70 and over N.B., who have an Opencard loaded with the „Special fare certificate for seniors over the age of 70" (certificate price 20 CZK), the fare charged for trips on PIT trains within Prague (tariff zones P, 0 and B) is 0 CZK.


Special fare of 0 CZK within Prague (zones P, 0, B)

Children from 6 to 15 years of age N.B. (must present a valid „Special fare endorsement for a child from 6 to 15 years of age" recorded on an opencard); children from 6 to 15 years of age N.B. require only an identification card certified by its issuer (a corporate entity) with name, surname, date of birth and a photograph; seniors from 65 to 70 years of age  N.B. (must present a valid „Special fare endorsement for a senior from 65 to 70 years of age" recorded on an opencard); The price of the „Special fare certificate" is 120 CZK.

Seniors over 70 N.B. (in PID trains, must present a „Special fare endorsement for seniors 70 and over"), endorsement price is 20 CZK.



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