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Escalator Safety

Pay increased attention when stepping onto an escalator, especially if travelling with children!

Escalator safety – picture

When using an escalator, obey the following rules:

  • hold on to the moving handrails,
  • always stand with your forehead and toes pointed in the escalator's direction of movement,
  • don't stick your fingers under the rubber part of handrail,
  • parents, hold your children by the hand when using an escalator,
  • parents, pay increased attention to your children when using an escalator,
  • never go against the escalator's direction of movement,
  • don't run on an escalator,
  • don't touch the escalator side walls with your shoes or any other article of clothing,
  • don't lean on the escalator's side walls or moving handrails
  • don't sit on escalator steps or on the moving handrail,
  • pay increased attention when entering and exiting an escalator.

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