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DPP launched the trial operation of an electric-powered bus with dynamic recharging – return of trolleybuses to Prague 45 years later

On Sunday, 15 October, 2017 The Prague Public Transit Company began the trial operation of the electric-powered bus with dynamic charging - SOR TNB12, following the execution of nearly one kilometre long overhead line in Prosecká Street. This section has been chosen due to a very steep hill that would otherwise limit battery life. The trolley track construction took about two months and was implemented by DPP staff. Testing during the winter, which will best examine the system will be most important.


Testing of dynamically charged vehicle will take place between the Palmovka metro B line station and the Letňany metro C line station. At the same time, another newly delivered vehicle SOR NS12 launched the next stage of operational tests of statically charged electric-powered buses, on lines No. 109 and 239. DPP also reminded the 45th anniversary of the termination of trolleybus traffic in Prague, the operation of which was terminated on 16 October 1972.

Within the trial run, DPP has been testing electric-powered buses since 2010. The last tested vehicle was the electric-powered bus SOR EBN 11 with its recorded mileage of over 140,000 kilometres during the two-year regular operation, making it even one of the most successful electric-powered bus projects in the European scale. However, testing the operation of  electric-powered buses with dynamic recharging will be new for DPP. In terms of its design the dynamic charging vehicle will be built on the principle of a  partial (battery) trolleybus, which is already regularly operated in various European but also in some Czech cities.

Testing the operation of electric-powered buses with dynamic charging is an important milestone for the development of public transport in Prague. The basic innovation consists in minimizing the length of the overhead contact line for  dynamic charging (only about 10%, compared to the usual 70 - 90% of the line length) and adding regular static charging during the operating breaks at the terminus. The charging infrastructure for the dynamic electric-powered bus project involves a dynamic two-way trolley line for dynamic charging (during driving) in Prosecká Street at a length of about 1 km in the uphill direction, respectively about 600 m in a downhill direction, which will be fed through a  container exchange station located at the lower part of Prosecká Street.

The second part of the charging infrastructure is a short section of the overhead contact line for static charging (at breaks) at the turning loop at the Palmovka metro B line station with the length of about 20 m with charging from the adjacent section of the tram line through the stationary galvanic separator („recharging booth"). The charging device at Palmovka will serve both for the said project of the dynamic electric-powered bus in Palmovka - Letňany Section and to continue long-term testing of static electric-powered bus which will be  transferred from lines No. 163 and 213 to lines No. 109 and 239 (Palmovka - Dolní Počernice, or Sídliště Rohožník, as the case may be).

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