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Dear Clients, you are on the website of contact forms that serve for quick settlement of your matters. Please pay attention to the selection of your complaint’s characteristic. Please note that internal regulation sets the time for response to your complaint to be 30 days. It is also necessary for you to fill in all obligatory inputs in the form.


In order to improve quality of our services, we welcome your suggestions regarding public transport arranged by Prague Public Transit Company. By a complaint it is meant a motion of natural or legal persons which has the nature of a suggestion for improvement or of a warning on defects in our activities and services.


By filling in the “Query” form, one can obtain information on various areas related to public transport operated by Prague Public Transit Company, Co. Inc. A part of the form is directed to contractual companies ensuring individual activities.


In this section you can tell us or inquire about everything related to purchase of tickets via e-shop, e.g. registration, discounts, your order’s status or payments.

Lost property

In the event of losing or leaving your personal property in the Public Transit Company vehicle, there are several ways to proceed:
If the accident happened in a tram or bus, passenger may immediately call the information line 296 19 18 17 where the operator gathers more details and gets in touch with a dispatching that informs a driver of the particular line. If the item is found, the passenger is instructed when and where he can collect it.
If a passenger reports the accident later, the information line operator provides a phone number for a garage or depot where the vehicle in which the item was lost is. All uncollected lost and found items are then once a week, on Thursdays, transported to the Lost and Found office:

Ztráty a nálezy
Karolíny Světlé 5,
110 00 Praha 1
tel.: +420 224 235 085


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