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Chairlift at the ZOO

Service Hours

The cableway is in operation from March 24, 2016 to January 1, 2017 in good weather.


  days of week hours of operation
24.–28. March 2016 Thursday–Monday 9.30–17.00
29. March 2016 Tuesday out of service
30.–31. March 2016 Wednesday–Thursday 9.30–17.00

April – October

  days of week hours of operation
April 2016 Tuesday–Sunday 9.30–17.00
May 2016 Monday–Sunday 9.30–18.00
June 2016 Monday–Sunday 9.30–19.00
July 2016 Monday–Sunday 9.30–19.00
August 2016 Monday–Sunday 9.30–19.00
September 2016 Monday–Sunday 9.30–18.00
October 2016 Tuesday–Sunday 9.30–17.00


  days of week hours of operation
1.–6. November 2016 Tuesday–Sunday 9.30–16.00
12.–13. November 2016 Saturday–Sunday 9.30–16.00
17.–20. November 2016 Thursday–Sunday 9.30–16.00
26.–27. November 2016 Saturday–Sunday 9.30–16.00


  days of week hours of operation
3.–4. December 2016 Saturday–Sunday 9.30–16.00
10.–11. December 2016 Saturday–Sunday 9.30–16.00
17.–18. December 2016 Saturday–Sunday 9.30–16.00
24. December 2016 Saturday 9.30–14.00
25.–26. December 2016 Sunday–Monday 9.30–16.00
27. December 2016 Tuesday out of service
28.–30. December 2016 Wednesday–Friday 9.30–16.00
31. December 2016 Saturday 9.30–14.00

January 2017

  days of week hours of operation
1. January 2017 Sunday 9.30–16.00


The fare is CZK 25 for a single ride (up or down) by passengers over 6 years of age. Children under 6 are transported free of charge, but only on the lap of a person over 15; each such person may transport only one child on his/her lap. Only coins can be used to obtain tickets from the ticket vending machines, which are located at the upper and lower stations. The vending machines do not give change; bills can be exchanged for coins from the cableway attendant. To speed up the handling of passenger groups, it is possible to buy a group ticket for six or more persons. The tickets for the cableway at the ZOO are not valid for transport in other means of public transport. No other tickets or passes can be used for a ride on the cableway.

Chairlift at the ZOO

Links to the ZOO

You can also go to the Zoo by bus No. 112 leaving from the C Metro station Nádraží Holešovice. There is also a direct link to the Zoo from Bohnice and Troja by bus No. 236. The PID tariff is valid on both lines.

Chairlift at the ZOO – A Brief History

The construction of a chairlift at the Prague ZOO was already being considered in the 1960s. Construction commenced in 1970, and the chairlift wasn't put into service until 1977. The owner of the chairlift was the Prague ZOO, and the operator was the Central Bohemia Park of Culture and Leisure. In 1978 it was shut down due to serious technical problems. It wasn't put back into service until 1981, and the operator of the chairlift at the Prague ZOO became the Prague Public Transport Company.

Chairlift at the ZOO Chairlift at the ZOO – Technical Parameters

  • Inclined length of track: 105.9 m
  • Inspection speed: 0.167 m/s
  • Vertical rise: 50.1 m
  • Motor output: 725 RPM/13 kW
  • Average gradient: 28º12'
  • Passenger capacity: 720 persons
  • No. of supports: 4
  • Year of mfg.: 1970
  • No. of seats: 60
  • Seat capacity: 90 kg
  • First commissioned: 1977
  • Transport speed: 0.85 m/s
  • Operated by Prague Public Transport Co., a. s.: since 1981

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