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Barrier-Free Stations

General Description

  • Free space in front of access locations is at least 1500 x 1500 mm or a circle 1500 mm in diameter.
  • The width of hoistway and cabin doors for lifts and vertical platforms is at least 800 mm. For lifts, automatic, horizontally sliding doors are used. For vertical platforms, automatic doors are used, and for incline platform access points, mechanical or electronic barriers (bars) are used.
  • All lift cabins are at least 1400 mm deep, 1100 mm wide and 2000 mm high.
  • The transport platform of stairway lifts or platforms and vertical lift platforms intended for the transport of persons in a wheelchair are at least 900 mm wide and 1400 mm long.
  • The maximum load capacity of passenger lifts is 630 kg, of vertical lift platforms 400 kg, and incline stairway platforms have a maximum load capacity of 250 kg.
  • All lift cabins and platform control panels are equipped with an acoustical signal attendant call button in case of emergency; some lift cabins are equipped with a two-way communications facility enabling communication between the lift cabin and metro employees.
  • Some lift cabins are equipped with acoustical announcement of individual floors. In some lifts, floor buttons are labelled in Braille.
  • Some lift stops are equipped with an acoustical signal between 35 to 55 dBA that signals the arrival of the cabin at its stop.
  • Some lift cabins and their entrance areas are equipped with cameras connected to permanently staffed metro employee locations.

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