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Barrier-Free Metro Access

In accordance with the current Transport Terms and Conditions, persons can be transported in wheelchairs in the metro only in stations with barrier-free access, in passenger lifts, in modified freight lifts, or on incline and vertical platform lifts accompanied by persons providing the wheelchair occupant essential assistance. This assistance must be arranged by the wheelchair occupants themselves.

Information on receiving authorisation to escort persons in wheelchairs while using modified freight lifts in the metro can be found here.

Important Notice


Escalators aren't designed according to technical standards for the transport of persons in wheelchairs, nor for the transport of empty wheelchairs. It is not technically possible to ensure safe stabilisation of a wheelchair on the steps of a moving escalator; it could endanger the safety of both the person in the wheelchair as well as that of other persons on the escalator.

Elevators and platform lifts (incline and vertical) that are intended for the transport of immobile persons and persons with prams are designed, approved for operation and operated in accordance with technical and legislative standards valid at the time of their being put into service. Because it is often a long-term process to put them into service, these facilities have partly differing equipment, especially in the area of information systems for the blind, emergency communication systems, camera supervision, etc. This section contains only a general description of all facilities, and additional details are listed in selected technical data for each facility at individual stations (Route A, Route B, Route C).


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