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Bezbariérové cestování v autobusech

In the last decade bus transport has experienced the greatest progress in transporting physically disabled persons. In 1994 and 1995, the Bus Division put three Neoplan N 4014 low-floor vehicles into operation, and in 1996 the first four Karosa-Renault City Bus low-floor vehicles. The floor height of both bus models is 320 mm above the ground, over two thirds of the total bus floor area. Some of the Karosa-Renault buses (deliveries since 1999) are also equipped with a folding access ramp at the middle doors, which further simplifies wheelchair access. During the year 2000, the Prague Public Transport Company purchased 80 low-floor buses, thus increasing their number from 95 to 175. At the end of the year, guaranteed deployment levels were 123 vehicles during working days, 72 vehicles on Saturday, and 75 low-floor vehicles on Sunday.

The Prague Public Transport Company, in cooperation with the Association for the Environment for the Disabled in the Czech Republic, and with the Regional Organiser of Prague Integrated Transport, has carefully prepared the deployment of low-floor buses on 21 selected routes. Full-scale low-floor vehicle operation is guaranteed on 9 of these, and on another 5 on Saturdays and Sundays. Connections served by low-floor buses are indicated on bus stop timetables, which enable disabled passengers to plan their trip properly. In the event that a low-floor vehicle on a guaranteed connection is unexpectedly placed out of service, the bus dispatch centre can immediately arrange replacement by another low-floor bus, either from the garage or by transferring it from another (non-guaranteed) route. The Prague Public Transport Company is planning the purchase of another 30 Karosa-Renault low-floor buses and 3 Karosa-Renault low-floor articulated buses by the end of 2001.

Bezbariérové cestování v autobusech

Besides connections served by low-floor buses on regular routes, the Prague Public Transport Company operates two special bus routes for the physically disabled, which connect barrier-free residential buildings in the Černý Most II, Jižní Město II, Nové Butovice and Řepy housing developments with the city centre, where transfer is possible. Four specially modified buses equipped with special wheelchair ramps are deployed on these routes. The vehicles have a reduced number of seats and expanded space for the transport of a greater number of wheelchairs. These buses have a two-person crew: the driver and an assistant who operates the ramp.

At the beginning of 2006, over 90% of the buses used for public transport were equipped with a new ticketing and information system for the blind, including automatic stop announcements.

Bus routes served by low-floor buses in combination with selected metro stations today significantly ease travel for the physically disabled, and help them to better integrate into the daily life of the entire city.


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