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Barrier-free access to the station is provided by a modified freight elevator (NVD 130). At street level the elevator entrance is in a non-public area opposite the station vestibule exit; at metro platform level its entrance is in a non-public area accessible via the service platform in the direction of Háje.


The current state of barrier-free facilities is available here.

Plánek stanice metra Roztyly Plánek stanice metra Roztyly

Barrier-free access to the metro station is provided only to persons in wheelchairs with escort, pursuant to the Transit Terms and Conditions:

Persons in wheelchairs can be transported sequentially by two modified freight elevators escorted by a person providing the wheelchair-bound person needed help. The person in the wheelchair must arrange this escort himself/herself.

The transport of persons in wheelchairs in modified freight elevators is permitted only when escorted by someone 18 years of age or older, who must be physically and mentally capable of performing this escort, is authorized to operate freight elevators belonging to the Prague Public Transit Co. Inc, and is familiar with wheelchair operation.

The transit operator provides training of escort persons for persons on wheelchairs and issues a Freight Elevator Operator's Permit.

The escort person must prove to the transit operator's on-duty employee that he/she is an authorized individual that possesses a valid operator's permit for these elevators; in exchange for this permit, he/she will receive from this person the elevator keys. After elevator transport has been completed, the escort person shall return the keys to the same employee, who will return his/her permit.

The transport of other persons in these freight elevators is prohibited.

The elevator is marked with pictograms at both entrances, and directions to the elevators are indicated on information panels on the metro platform.


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