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For barrier-free transport of immobile persons, passengers with baby carriages and handicapped persons, a passenger elevator that connects the „East" vestibule level with the platform level. At street level, the vestibule has barrier-free access..


The current state of barrier-free facilities is available here.

Plánek stanice metra Kobylisy (směr ulice Klapkova) Plánek stanice metra Kobylisy (směr ulice Klapkova)

Selected technical elevator data is listed in the table below.

The elevator is designated with pictograms at both entrances, and directions to the elevator are indicated on information panels in the vestibule and on the metro platforms.

Note: Another passenger elevator is located in the „West" vestibule; this elevator only provides transport to the station vestibule without access to the metro platform.

Elevator from platform to „East" vestibule (OsV 027)

 Vstup k výtahu v uliční úrovni Vstup k výtahu v uliční úrovni

 Vstup do výtahu na nástupišti Vstup do výtahu na nástupišti

Selected technical data (for both elevators)


Elevator type self-service, for transport of persons


Capacity (kg) 630


Transport height (m) 31,07


Transport speed (m/s) 1,0


Width and type of elevator entrance door 900 mm, automatic horizontal sliding


Size and type of elevator cabin width 1100, depth 1400 mm

cabin has door on only one end


Floors (levels) connected by elevator street level with platform level


No. of stops 2


Type emergency communication in elevator cabin After pressing a button, a two-way communications device is activated, which provides communication with a permanently-staffed location.


Buttons by entrances and in elevator cabin Equipped with Braille lettering


Announcement of elevator arrival at stop Voice announcement informs of level the elevator has arrived at


Size of free area before elevator entrances top entrance: unlimited.
bottom entranc: located beside escalator entrance on left in a space 180 cm wide and 250 cm long


Camera supervision Outside entrances and in cabin.

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