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A passenger lift connecting the vestibule and the platform is available for barrier-free transport of immobile persons, for passengers with perambulators and persons with restricted mobility. Access to the vestibule is barrier-free


The current state of equipment for barrier-free access is here.

Plánek stanice metra Luka Plánek stanice metra Luka

Some selected technical data of the lift are in the following table.

On both levels the lift is labelled by pictograms and access to the lift at both the vestibule and the platform is shown in the information panels.

In case of a defect of the passenger lift barrier-free access to the metro station will be enabled only to persons on wheelchairs in conformity with the Contractual Transport Conditions:

Persons on wheelchairs can be transported by means of a modified freight lift only if accompanied by a person capable of offering the necessary assistance; the assistant must be procured by the wheelchaired person himself/herself.

Transporting wheelchaired persons by means of modified freight lifts is only permitted if accompanied by a person more than 18 years old, physically fit and mentally capable to provide the necessary assistance and able to operate both the Dopravní podnik hl. m. Praha freight lift and the wheelchair.

The carrier is responsible for training the persons accompanying wheelchaired invalids and for issuing the corresponding Freight Lift Operator Certificate.

The accompanying person must demonstrate to the carrier's operator that he/she is a duly authorised person, holder of the Freight Lift Operator Certificate referring to the freight lift concerned; the accompanying person takes over from the freight lift operator the keys to the lift in exchange for the Certificate. After completion of the transfer the accompanying person hands over the keys to the operator and receives the Certificate.

Transporting other persons by means of the modified freight lift is not allowed.

At the street level the lift ends at the eastern entry to the commercial vestibule segment. At the metro platform level the lift ends inside the service premises; access is along the service platform at rail 2 (direction Lužiny).

Passenger lift from the platform to the Luka station vestibule (OsV 373)

 Vstup do osobního výtahu ve vestibulu stanice Vstup do osobního výtahu ve vestibulu stanice

Vstup do osobního výtahu na nástupišti metra Vstup do osobního výtahu na nástupišti metra

Selected technical data of the passenger lift


Lift type

Self-service, passenger


Lifting capacity (kg)



Operating height (m)



Velocity (m/s)



Width and type of entrance door

800 mm, automatic, horizontally sliding


Dimensions and type of lift cab

width 1,100 mm, depth 1,700 mm;

a walk-through cab


Connected levels

street (vestibule) level and the platform level


Number of stations



Type of emergency communication from the cab

A button activates an emergency acoustic and optical communication facility to the operator


Actuators at the stations and in the cab

Braille alphabet labelling is not provided


Notification of arrival to station

By an acoustical signal, intensity 35 to 55 dB


Free area in front of the approach to the lift

Upper station: unlimited

Lower station: unlimited.


Supervising cameras



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