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For a barrier-free transportation of immobile persons, passengers with prams, and handicapped persons, a personal & freight lift can be used, an entrance to which is situated in a separate building nearby a bus stop. At the platform level, the lift faces a public corridor behind the platform; an access route leads along the platform at Rail 2 (in the Dejvická Station direction).


The current status of the facilities that are provided for barrier-free acces can be here.

Plánek stanice Skalka Plánek stanice Skalka

Selected lift technical specifications are provided in the following table.

At both entrances, the lift is provided with symbol icons and the access to the lift at the metro platform is indicated on information panels.

The lift from the platform to a separate building, from the bus stop direction (OsV 165)

Výtah Skalka – ulice Výtah Skalka – ulice

Výtah Skalka – nástupiště Výtah Skalka – nástupiště

Selected lift technical specifications


Lift type

self-service, for personal & freight transportation


Load capacity (kg)



Travel height (m)



Travel speed (m/s)



Lift entrance door width and design

1500 mm, automated horizontal shift door


Lift cabin size and design

W x D 1500 mm x 2450 mm,

not through-traffic cabin.


Floor (level) connected by the lift

a street level with the platform level


Stations #

4 - For public transportation, step-ons at the street level and platform level are provided.


Communication from the lift cabin in emergency

pressing the emergency button activates a two-way communication device, connecting to the permanent operator's room.


Buttons by entrances and in elevator cabin Equipped with Braille lettering


Control devices on platforms and in the lift cabin

control elements on platforms are not provided with braille descriptions.- Lift cabin control elements are provided with braille descriptions.


Indication of the lift arrival to stations

sound signal of 35-55 dB intensity


Size of free area in front of lift step-in points

upper platform : An access to the separate building through the corridor turned perpendicularly. The platform not limited

lower platform : An access from A Line platform in the Dejvická station direction through the corridor turned perpendicularly. The platform not limited


Closed Circuit TV monitoring

is provided on platforms, as well as in the lift cabin.


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