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Nádraží Veleslavín

For barrier-free access of immobile persons, passengers with prams and people with reduced mobility it is possible passenger lift No. 471. The upper platform of the lift terminates at the street level on the pavement near Evropská Street, while the lower platform is at the same level as the metro platform. The current status of the facilities that are provided for barrier-free access can be found here.

The current status of the facilities that are provided for barrier-free access can be found here.

A map of the Nádraží Veleslavín metro station A map of the Nádraží Veleslavín metro station

Selected technical data regarding individual lifts are provided in the following tables.

The lifts are marked with pictograms at both entrances, while the access points to the lifts at the street level and on the metro platform are shown on the information panels.

The lift from the platform to the vestibule level and the street level (OsV 471)

The access point to lift No. 471 near Evropská Street

The entrance to lift No. 471 at the level of underpass

The entrance to lift No. 471 at the vestibule level

The entrance to lift No. 471 at the platform level

Selected technical data in regard to lift No. 471


The type of lift

self-service; for transporting people


Lifting capacity (kg)



Transport height (m)



Transport speed (m/s)



The width and the design of the lift entrance door

1200 mm, automatically horizontally sliding


The size and the design of the lift car

width 1400 mm, depth 2400 mm, the lift car constitutes a passageway


The floors (levels) that the lift connects

the street level with the vestibule level and the platform level


Number of stations



The manner of communicating from the lift car in the event of an emergency

After the button is pressed a duplex communication device is activated that enables communication with the permanent staff’s workstation.


The controls on the platforms and in the lift car

They are equipped with palpable signs in Braille script.


The announcement that the lift has reached the station

The voice device provides information about the height level that the lift has reached.


The size of the free space in front of the entrances to the lift

on the upper platform: : unrestricted

on the lower platform: unrestricted


Video surveillance

Functions both on the platforms and in the lift cars.


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