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15 years have passed since the floods in Prague took place. Experience obtained from the floods has been used by the DPP for improving its flood protection

During these days the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) remembers the 15 years since the devastating floods.


When 1.2 million m3 of water flooded the Prague Metro network in 2002, the flood control measures were not able to withstand the devastating results of the flooded Vltava River. The original flood protection had not counted with the floods that occurred in 2002. All the technical and technological equipment was located underground at the level of the track in order to protect against a 100-year flood. During the floods in 2002, however, the Vltava River exceeded the level of a 100-year flood by 180 cm and therefore the unprotected access paths of escalators and staircases were flooded and consequently so were the metro stations and their individual tracks. Fifteen years ago, a strong influx of water also destroyed pressure closures that were designated to prevent flooding in the individual metro stations. The DPP has repaired all of these and can now use them at any time. These massive steel pressure-tight closures at metro stations and in tunnels serve as a secondary protection system should the surface protection be ineffective or otherwise impaired.

Floods have greatly influenced the City’s Public Transport system. The backbone system, i.e. the metro, was paralysed. 19.6 km of metro lines in the tunnels were flooded, 18 stations were partially or totally flooded and two metro trains were flooded in these stations. The total damage to public transport reached 7 billion Czech crowns (i.e. approximately 270 million Euros). The DPP dealt with the consequences of the floods in record time. After fifty days the water was pumped and by the end of 2002 half of the flooded stations had already reopened again.

The DPP took advantage of its experience from the floods by creating new, effective flood protection measures that are fully prepared for preventing the repetition of a similar disaster. In addition to a number of technical measures and technological improvements, the DPP also focused on improving the Flood Plan, which was additionally validated during the trainings. Under the new rules the flood situation is regularly monitored to ensure the timely evacuation and closure of stations and tunnels in endangered areas in the event of future floods. Today, 15 years after the devastating floods, the passengers will not remember that water had flowed through the metro stations and the tunnels. The information tables are used as a reminder to where the water from the flooded Vltava River had reached in the stations and their vestibules in 2002.


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